A Heart Once

There was a heart once imagined,
when told,
lying in the dark
of an unopened window;
a certain pair of eyes’ glimpse
who could only recognize
its shadow.
For every breath,
arteries made mysteries
and broken histories;
The sound born so soft
until it got louder
as time took
to restore the same beat door,
the lonely smiles,
hypnotized them coming to adore.
There was a heart once lived
who stole,
on a neck and shoulders
which rose like redness from
newly bundled stems.

Like a reminder
in each phone morning alarm,
its garden forever grew
at every corner city street,
something trains and planes
could not escape.
Winter or May,
neighbor and stranger, it is there
rooted in justice
and for what is unfair.


© 2014 by Mario Gabriel Adame from the book After You, In Love Arrest