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Authored Books by Mario Gabriel Adame

Art Cure: un-alone in poetry


          A collection of all-encompassing poems touching on every vital element of life – love, living, courage, forgiveness, inspiration, self discovery, trust, ecstasy and more. Deeply filled with mystery, meaning, and enlightenment, these poems make for a refreshing and captivating read.


Poems From Art Cure: un-alone in poetry

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After You, In Love Arrest


          Love poetics has existed for thousands of years. The search, the purity, the aggressiveness, and the beauty of words remain undying. Love brings sweet patience, yet it is wrapped in possessive moments. At the split second of birth, there is a will for love that is permanently in each of us. We cannot control its inception. We never lose it, and we are determine to connect it through family by a need to match love with one true romantic partner. Love is pain and it is pleasure. It floats magically like the air we breathe but cannot see, and it detains soul like criminal humiliation; which may occur without the realization of what you let kidnap your own spirit. After You, In Love Arrest is a contemporary lyrical broadcast of a thousand miles traveled to find the beginning and end state of Being in love.

Poems From After You, In Love Arrest

Ignite Your Soul, Release Your Mind Vol. 1


          Through a mixture of his adolescent tribulations in San Antonio and inspiration from individual spirits he met in Austin, Texas, Mario Gabriel Adame has found courage to expose lyrical interpretations for those experiences taking place over a span of ten years (2003-2013). From life in sports culture, Tejano musical traditions, religious guidance, and military tragedy, to his attitudes toward prosperity for family and children living through a digital age, to many young stories of college lifestyles and intimate adult relationships, Mario is determine to capture each life changing moment for his audience in this poetry anthology, Ignite Your Soul, Release Your Mind Vol. 1.

Poems From Ignite Your Soul, Release Your Mind Vol.1