Angel Flash

Arms I need
and hands to hold,
work in progress
we’ve been told.

Listen as he speaks
with cries,
the river I built now
has watered my garden;
I live free,
without a burden.

All those years I died fighting,
today, he’s got everything living.
From the start foolishly,
I fell apart;
With lies I crumbled
like a rock, today,
mountains lie in front of me.
Effortlessly, I break free.

With war, I empowered enemies;
Letting hostility arrest my heart,
now, this peace
can never be broken apart.

The sun will rescue
my moon as seasons go;
Weather and remember this alone:
Let angels flash with direction,
and with love
we must set eyes on above;
Not on evil on earth,
as he will capture you
until we find rebirth.


© 2013 by Mario Gabriel Adame