As Long As

No matter the speed of the day,
I always try to get you to stay.
I will carry you and my belief,
as long as it will
no longer cause you grief.

I seek forgiveness and nurture,
with you I feel
I can take one step further.
When the world is crumbling
and I am on my knees,
tell me you will stand beside me;
Hold me up or tie me down,
kiss me until your lips are numb.
Love until your bones
become weak,
and hug as if your arms are
cemented around me.

The more I am without,
the more I realize I should not give in,
or maybe I am mistaken?

My wounds will not heal,
so I am prepared to cut God a deal;
Take me into your arms
and I will sacrifice possessions,
as longs as he corrects my obsession.
The story can’t end,
more memories to create,
leaving a higher power to decide
our own fate.


© 2013 by Mario Gabriel Adame