Call a Friend

I pray for these moments,
when you come for me;
Through the goodbyes,
through the lies,
through the unclear choice,
over again I await your voice.

With losing lips
among idle inspiration,
I know tears maintain
and hands become too broken
from catching the rain.

At a state in need of a shoulder,
you bring sanity closer.
Absent of fear, you said,
“The world is our dictation,
no more manipulation.
Security I bring,
and when the clock shall break,
I’ll be your escape.
When hearts stop their beat,
I’ll send you an angel to meet.
Call your forever friend,
as I will be a wave,
which will never end.
I match any current, any sound,
in a sunny day and a hurricane.
Whether faint and unimaginable,
days will calm
when you call my name.
Happiness comes home
in one queue, at the shore,
begging for entrance
not a moment too soon,
I live with you.”
© 2013 by Mario Gabriel Adame from the book Ignite Your Soul, Release Your Mind Vol. 1