coming back to San Antonio

My grandma Aurora was born in Nuevo León.
She made the best American sandwiches,
but her specialty was menudo on holidays.
My other grandparents Sulema and Anselmo
were the closest couple to perfection.
However, when they dated,
they would sit at the back
away from a mostly white section.
What they told me as a kid,
English could only be talked
near the restaurant front door,
and if they spoke Spanish,
that is what the back is for.

Yes, my parents grew up
in a Spanish speaking household,
but they only taught us English.
Routinely in college, I learned how
frustrating race can be and what could
or could not have been done different.
To this day, people will question
who I am and what I wasn’t.


© 2016 from Art Cure: un-alone in poetry by Mario Gabriel Adame