Couldn’t Let Her Stay

She says she likes me.
Couldn’t I resist another man’s claimed
once upon a time girl?
Am I less human, do I belong
in this different rebound of a world?
She says she likes me.
Broken and paralyzed
like my father,
addicted to shouldn’t have,
and bleeding for my better half.
If cheating finds a disaster
and happy ever after,
princes versus devils,
this is what a love story is?
Not my girl on this bed,
asking what’s going on in your head?
When he catches blame
like a ground consumes
piled on dead leafs,
alone on our long away from home,
do you feel my hand on your heart?

If she says she loves me,
and screams reminisce in my mind,
this is and that was I love you!
What am I suppose to do
with the two?
Contemplate trust issues
and future self-hate,
or keep kissing my neck
until I feel numb,
and it’s you asking one more night
to stay, can I come?

Every girl, a bad habit retreat,
like it’s my last first time,
if she hit rewind,
it’s a reminder someone’s past
makes me feel this alive.
© 2013 by Mario Gabriel Adame from the book After You, In Love Arrest