Existing to Fight

We wonder why love
can’t be the way it should;
No simple definition
only words of faith versus fear.

The closer we get,
the more it causes break;
Will our exit be a mistake?

Every news headline
has its end,
history repeated
and still trust remains defeated.
A puzzled existence,
is it worth the fight?
Will we ever unite?

Who are you to decide
what comes and goes?

Do you cease to cut our ties?
Or do we keep
from reversing our lies?

Hard enough to see
the way the world is;
Try to hope
but we shoot and miss.

Choose to smile away the pains,
it’s you, it’s me,
we go on displacing these blames.

Change facts
to meet a single’s needs,
still, you watch
as your neighbor bleeds.


© 2013 by Mario Gabriel Adame