Face of Place(s) [a dedication to my mother]

You are everything
that begins with beautiful.
For all those
worry free wrinkles,
they happen
to happen over time.
Face of life,
of a world,
not of useless age;
It is my lasting impact,
the matter of true arts’ loving fact.
Mona Lisa,
she can hasta la vista.
No proof needed
for a picture,
you’re a living story.
Glance this way,
stand still
and look at me,
I’ll tell you the tale:

You froze my fears,
and you dried my tears.
When you feel
like your face is running,
and you’re far from stunning,
think the opposite,
think of this;
It’s ‘cause you were too busy,
tender with us boys,
rightfully too uneasy.
Making a place,
giving a catering taste,
for this one, and that son.
Like the sun,
giving light to the can’t be done,
you gave life, the ignited faith.

When no one asked,
when no one told,
you built my soul.
You repaired it at times,
through your eyes,
when you knew
I could no longer live from lies.

So when you look,
it’s the mirror in my views
that say you’re everything
that begins with beautiful.
You show how love works,
and how it will compose,
with one look on your face,
I see every single place,
where I’ve been,
where I’m going
and where I’m from.

Thank you mom.

© 2013 by Mario Gabriel Adame