Finally Speak

Baby, if I knew you would leave,
and if you never gave a chance
to say goodbye, and
if you spent all your days
with the ones you love,
without me to see you grow,
to see you bloom;
Knowing you found more
than the roots in truth,
I’d be happy, I’d be glad.

If you had another ring
around your finger,
while my mind forces
a face to linger,
I’d be happy, I’d be glad.

If you lived to dance,
and if I had to watch
a different lead,
to see my shadow removed
and you found
all the bliss
that came to you,
I’d be happy, I’d be glad.

For there is a light
that today glows
in my mistakes that burned
and made his turned as vows.

If you forget
the memory
behind my name,
and how the cuts
proved to fill your change,
I’d be happy, I’d be glad.

You’ll see,
you’ll get to meet
the new me,
as long as I stay on this track
in having one thing,
in something to believe;
I’ll be inside a heaven,
where we can finally speak.


© 2013 by Mario Gabriel Adame