Last One I Had

You were the last one to love.
I did go crazy,
a little bit more
dysfunctional than you.
When push comes to shove,
baby this is the truth,
I never sent you flowers,
that wasn’t me.
So if any one tends to ask,
I’m doing fine, thanks.
I don’t need you.
Only if they knew
what you caused,
only if they knew
what I lost.

You can say
what you need to say,
be with another man
to get you through the day.
We were a thunderbolt
that needed to break rain-free.

I’ll hit you where it hurts,
you’ll always hit me
where I deserve.
If I could look you in the eye,
I’d say, I don’t need you.
I’m doing fine, thanks.
So if any one tends to ask,
I pleaded for forgiveness,
don’t get it confused with you
being my only lifeline
for happiness.

This is my note,
a world currency.
I’ll let everybody know, yes,
I’ll take the king of all cowards,
for I never sent you flowers!
I know time will decide
the best I had,
as for now,
you’re the last one I had.


© 2013 by Mario Gabriel Adame