Made Of

Two lanes merge
onto an I-beam,
the forbidden sky of a dream,
from the bottom ocean
of an industrial bloodstream;
Perfecting the past
from any migrate pair of eyes
we’ll choose,
and this is what
comes to find a view:

I’ll show
what I am made of,
never doubt
the love I will give;
Unlock door number one,
behind is where truth shall live.
Made of steel, but if you bring
the high temperature,
chemistry proves anything can melt,
that’s for sure.
You know what you desire,
no matter the elements
I posses the fire.
Your external beauty will bring
any man to his knees,
and your intrinsic spirit is what
every human badly needs.

Ignite your soul,
release your mind,
capture the moment,
one day at a time.

In sun fall,
I feel your pain;
In a nightmare,
I live your stress;
I’m armed with light
to get us out of any dark mess.

This love bleeds,
again heals;
Ultimately, it will lead
to a lost place
everyone wants to be;
One step back
to regain momentum,
reconciling diversity
to end resistance;
Reminding this divined motivation
shall be kept persistent.




© 2013 from Ignite Your Soul, Release Your Mind Vol. 1 by Mario Gabriel Adame    

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