My Place

There is a place,
a place where I want to go
and laugh at all I now know,
where forgotten names
ignite a permanent light in the sky
and you can finally
think about me all the time.
A place where a clock
and its hands can’t judge
what he took in the past,
where going is always coming
like a revolving door,
a place where surrendered
is actually a win,
while healed at
bleeding wounds of a sin.

Please write the wrongs of my life
in a book that is forever shut
like the mouth of the word
I should have never spoken
and I become forgiven.

I’m lifted sitting on a cloud
watching you,
waiting for all-time wings
to wind a song
in a chance
that can forever be blown,
and heartbreaks are sewn.

The more I sing,
the louder you get,
and I stay
like a statue in one place.
I never have to run nor escape,
you can come visit,
I’ll be right here.
I’m not moving
or making promises
only out of happiness,
no cries,
no loving
or remembering
out of fear.

I want to say bye
and put you
in another life,
where you for me
always meets the eye.

© 2013 by Mario Gabriel Adame