Not a Poem but a Witness

Look around you
and see if you can witness
a moment outside your body,
but deep inside the parameters
of your heart’s temper.

Fully present
is how people are given new life
in a minute’s flash.
That is a powerful spiritual Being
we have, which collectively
carries our journey.
Beyond distance, beyond time,
you and I
have a deeper inner space
we contribute to the world
through each other.
Before we knew
who one another were, are,
fate remained in existence
waiting by birth to imaginings
for us to share.
Talks, touches,
divine executed presence
brought it to physical reality.
This world,
as big as it is,
we found two spirits,
two spheres,
for we attested to planets
in every second,
there is a ceaseless calm
humans can spring.


© 2014 by Mario Gabriel Adame from the book After You, In Love Arrest