Poems Don’t Stop

Don’t stop. Keep imagining
where you will go
and who will be there.
Don’t give up on a paradise
you have created.

There are some
who grab your hand and others
who will stare from a distance.

It will not be easy.
Hate will live on and no force
strong enough to have it stop.
Poison will sink
before you have had a taste.
The garden you seek
is full of illuminating colors
and don’t let any liquid
keep you drowning
to reach that green.
Voices will tell you to give up
and there will be echoes of decay
like a suffocating school hallway.
You cannot be angry.
Anger weighs your body
where you can’t move.
Remove that anchor; although you
will need it from time to time,
free your movement,
ride those waves guiding atonement.

Swim if your boat collapses.
We cannot stop searching.
Your blood will thump, thump,
at your skin asking for revival.
Live with this skin
and connect it with others
who share a same path.
Dark or light, wrinkled or fresh,
there is a message concealed
in each eye that fights.

Don’t talk, simply listen
to every harmony language
of the silent body.

© 2014 by Mario Gabriel Adame from the book After You, In Love Arrest

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