will you welcome me?
Not too far behind
Not too far ahead
to each in their mind
I come here quick
Unarmed, unleashed for peace

do you know where we sin?
Forgive for they found
no way to cry
Water has been sucked
from what is left of their eyes
Wells as souls, drunk
making love to strangers,
breathing empty ‘til blood turns dark
Laughter coming out that same alley
Everyone at standstill,
touches steal,
but nothing expressed verbally

do you ever want to stop?
Give advice for the next
Cure our self-inflected appetite
and destroy potions
Find more smooth sails
on clear blue oceans

where is your home?
It’s getting late,
can you come back?
Again in love, or is this
an over-ran one-too-many date?

I’ll reach out again
when pain is so deep
and happiness puts
your children to sleep
Don’t any one worry
Past is a foundation
for all of beautiful creation
When your future calls, say yes
Say you believe
I’ll leave you a road
for what together
torture and tranquil
we’re here to handle,
every morning
that sun
is our special forgiveness candle

© 2014 by Mario Gabriel Adame from the book After You, In Love Arrest