I am the war you never wanted to reach,
and here a drawn sword to save nations,
from disguised tyrant rulers
reigning on your heart.

one inked after another
I angered the birds.
I released the channels.

I flooded people down
their own shallow streams
to save wings hanging
from tree to tree,
to witness freedom like leaves floating,
flattened for godsend.


As molten rock dust surrounds our sky,
and upon us now in drought,
influx of river drunks and naked little babies
who will never be fed.
Their souls like horses jammed in a stable.
My arms can’t extent, for they need yours.
These burnt blistered hands are incapable.

Here on page is the war for love,
creating such peace,
such hunger space left,
for every unknown innocent dead,
for compromises needing to be had.

© 2016 from Art Cure: un-alone in poetry by Mario Gabriel Adame