Weekend Made

Late at night, feeling through,
to avoid all the tears,
drinking and talking,
those two accessory wrenches,
her Carpenter Eyes put light
to my photo cropped darkness.

Your body takes its shape
and moons bring our escape,
lovely woman,
you made the weekend!
Because normal days
laid too contagious;
Everyone falling apart
meant falling into
the right moments’ pieces.
In every dance song left witness,
for here is a person in every line,
a life in a word,
a keepsake for all those mistakes
that made good times shared.

It’s our destination
along each letter,
for there is someone’s smile
to remember,
where two locked eyes signed a place,
in your young and unforgettable face.

© 2013 by Mario Gabriel Adame

from the book After You, In Love Arrest