What Life Meant

What life meant
is more than one day
from sunrise to sunset.
Over and over,
dusk to the blink
in your waking yawn;
A promise to still love
when a heart goes down.
My living forever
displacing heaven’s self doubt.
At a first ray of her shadow,
he could see a reason
for existence always pass in front.
Forgiven walks you let me take
inside the crack of your soul;
The kiss on your skin
that word’s healing
could not control.

Lips cheek to cheek
and on top of the forehead
is a touch that did not need
anything to be said.
A mapped out direction
on your face,
a compass my suitcase
only felt home to;
What life meant is all of you.

Any description,
any resistance
always lied in eyes
the morning after,
under your makeup,
the Tasmanian fire to my feelings
rose like a natural disaster.
Oh my natural disaster!

The fold of your lip
to your nose
made more than the moon’s cycle
at the strike of your smile;
No skyscraper can find
the bedtime stories you compile.

I never wanted perfect,
what life meant
is more than one day
from sunrise to sunset.

For every last sorry,
there is a thank you;
A moment of a new man’s proof,
what life meant
is the woman in you.


© 2013 by Mario Gabriel Adame