What You Face

These days the bed lays cold,
disguised as a three times over
Russian roulette type of sleep;
Wondering when I wake up,
how he made it
through the ambulance alarm?

Most days people catch me
in a photo lit stare;
Why you so mad?

“No, motivated.”
I’m thinking
about paralyzing fire
my dad lived through;
from the helicopter crash,
to losing his brother in Vietnam.
His father died in his teens;
A 28 year-old with two kids
learned to walk again,
destine by his wife
to make his family ends.

How no one ever knew
the one of a kind man?

No more pain,
for happiness sake
let me take the tears;
God not yet,
don’t you dare clock a ticket.
You and mom are my faith.
When the pretty young things
do me wrong,
and I’m struggling to find my place;
Young forever,
I look to the mirror,
recognize my problems
are nothing
compared to
what you face.

© 2013 from Ignite Your Soul, Release Your Mind Vol. 1 by Mario Gabriel Adame    

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