Why I Write (My Cure)

Struck of the artery,
struck of the brain’s nerves,
who will wish
they recorded a few words?
When the AED beeps a straight line,
when they cut to save your life,
done can always be undone.

Look back to the thought of
a rough draft,
it leads the dead.
Write another
and feel the air to love another.
When there is only one life to give,
desperation is all we have to live,
like an emergency to 911,
make a call to those you love.
It’s only one finger
in the press of send or that pen,
open up to the world
before that final pulse
is uncontrolled under the knife.

Point the index at this:
You don’t have to be a cardiac surgeon
to mend the heart,
only know a spirit lies
where the ink and mind begin.
Prefer to bypass
the write in your words,
then voice all your concerns.
Speak in vain
or speak to save a vein,
stress will release,
a life can be saved,
and the cycle beat,
for cure is in the hand,
subsidizing any disease.


© 2013 by Mario Gabriel Adame