You Did Love

You know you held the key,
that’s why I’m lying at the door
pleading mercy.
You did love,
and I didn’t show you enough,
I swear I was wrong strip of all-purpose.
Was it worth it?

Only time will tell.

I’m content I can turn this over,
oh Lord, mend this heart to be a lover.
In one trip into the fall,
I thought we been through it all,
now we are ending?

Into December,
I remember,
how could this be?
I beg for a new beginning,
oh baby it’s cold,
my blood can’t compete,
I feel it down the body
as these bones become weak.
I stare at the clock,
its shade reminds me of you,
you did love,
and I wish your hands would go back.
Maybe the shattered mirror
will now learn,
we live forth faceless,
counting on peace to joint this heart piece.

The world chaotically
continues to turn, and
moon light orbits me confused,
while the rays of sun
shred our happy moods.
So I guess we will stay
sightless to the I love yous.

Friends by day,
foes by night,
lonely silhouettes
become all we know to figure
a common ground,
the only force left never to unite.

By land, as high as we want to fly
our feet can’t leave this surface,
and while sailing amongst the water,
the weight of my soul is kept anchored
at the depth of the sea,
no waves, no air,
nothing moves you to see
what I believe.

You did love,
and one day
I will grow out of your shadow.
Maybe now or maybe never,
these words could once again
beat the sound of your heart,
goodbye to the next welcoming days of your life
as you part.

© 2013 from Ignite Your Soul, Release Your Mind Vol. 1 by Mario Gabriel Adame    

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