you’ll see

Here I am employing metaphor

            like what do I work for?

Power is not infinite terror war

politicking fear for decades more.

Power is the soul of a nation,

that does not destroy

a soul of another nation.


© 2016 from the book Art Cure: un-alone in poetry by Mario Gabriel Adame

The poem you’ll see is in memory of my tío (uncle), Arthur Pina Adame (click for more pictures), who died May 22, 1970 in Cambodia during the Vietnam War. On May 4, 1970, approximately 18 months after Nixon announced a plan to end the war, he wrote to his mom and dad, “I’m going to make it you’ll see.” This was his last letter. Although I was born 16 years after he passed, I vowed to keep his spirit alive. So, tío you did make it, because you are a part of what inspires me every day.

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My dad and his granddaughter visiting his brother’s grave at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (May 2017).