The Last Letter: Vietnam War 45 years later (4/8/49 – 5/22/70 KIA)


Arthur Pina Adame, my dear tío, was one of the first causalities in Cambodia as the Vietnam War spread further. Written on May 4, 1970, the following links display his last letter sent to his mom and dad. He passed away 18 days later after writing this; May 22, 1970, 45 years ago (blog post 2015).


Each link displays his last letter, page one through page three: Last Letter Part 1Last Letter Part 2, and Last Letter Part 3.


Enlistment Photo
Somewhere in Vietnam.
Arturo somewhere either in Cambodia or Vietnam.
Arturo and his cavalry in April of 1970.
My uncle’s name, Arthur Pina Adame, at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. (October 2012). Carrying on his spirit with a smile, hoping I make him proud each day. Certainly, our family will always be proud of him.
The next generation. (My dad and his granddaughter honoring Arturo on May 29th, 2017.)


you’ll see poem – a dedication to Arturo

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