Art Cure: un-alone in poetry

          Mercifully, she came along. One gasp at a time, my temperament started the honest process for cleansing resentment. She kept passion and inspiration alive, when flashbacks of my life crushed me, and I found myself barely breathing for air from inability to recognize such patience and calmness in my soul. 

          She was the strangest, but with each poem and prose written by her that she shared, I read, and fittingly she became a part of me. Though we had different childhood experiences, we happened to latch onto one another at a sensual peak of our adulthood. Each time I saw her, I felt words peeling from her skin. I envisioned letter-by-letter crawling slowly, moving in and out her bloodstream as a bubble, like those embedded inside a tubular spirit level. Each bubble represented a moment in time of her past that caught up to me. Yet, if she never said a word, but projected with her eyes those moments against the will of this face, I would feel her skin to understand the time capsule of true emotion. 

          She empowered my hands through physical touch and by written language. This combination taught me to never forget how beneficial a certain calm and patience can be when two severed bodies need to begin integration for healing. 

          Together we became more un-alone.



          The above recognition is an excerpt from my third poetry collection, Art Cure, released on July 31, 2016. Art Cure: un-alone in poetry is a collection of all-encompassing poems touching on every vital element of life – love, living, courage, forgiveness, inspiration, self discovery, trust, ecstasy and more. Deeply filled with mystery, meaning, and enlightenment, these poems make for a refreshing and captivating read.


Poems from Art Cure: un-alone in poetry

my woman hero’s stillness

who loved me

art cure


spotless feelings


The Darkest Tree


you’ll see


child unknown

be. free. every. time.


reinterpretation of hunger part II



as I am

when a good thing isn’t so bad

coming back to San Antonio

stingy chemical man


 *If your local county supports BiblioBoard (like Bexar for the City of San Antonio),

you can read Art Cure: un-alone in poetry for free here.

above book excerpt © 2016 by Mario Gabriel Adame

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